Personality That I Adore – Responsibility

I was watching Spiderman on my television screen on the scene when Uncle Ben said a quote about responsibility. “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility” He said that to Peter Parker, a man who just got a spider skill after bitten by a spider. Peter might think (or I might think, since I knew that Peter was Spiderman-to-be) that this advice really made for him. Since he got a special ability, he got a great power and it made him got a great responsibility as its price.

Then for the next couple days, I was reading a quote in a book that also wrote about responsibility.

“The fool seek responsibilities; They are pressured and stressed all the time. The smart delegate and share responsibilities, They are content and enjoy balanced lives.”

Well, that’s how I decide to write about responsibility. Also I was craving for something to write and I wasn’t really productive in writing lately, since it’s holiday and all I did was do my holiday activities like watching, playing game and it got me into a state of oblivion because of this holiday-comfort-zone. Oh no! I should wake up from this comfort zone now.

I believe that every human being is loaded with their own responsibility(s) in every difference form, like school, work, family and etc. In fact, not every people were responsible to their responsibility. Instead, some of them didn’t really feel that it’s their responsibility and just walk away from it. So, my much appreciation goes with them who have this good attitude –and for who don’t, I won’t hate you. I will just be a little fed up with your attitude but not with yourself cause I believe people can change their attitude.

Talking about responsibility, I would say that I’m a responsible person but not a fully one. There were times when I became that kind of person who walks away and pretending nothing happened. That’s also the time when guilty-feeling started to haunt me and I was fed up with my irresponsible self. Briefly, I always try to be responsible with my responsibility.

Responsibility can be a burden to yourself  but when you think you can handle it, you can enjoy it. So, be a responsible person, not only for yourself but also for your surroundings.


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