Mind Power

My eyes caught an object, a white thick book on the white table and when I came nearer I knew that it was the book that always attracted me everytime I came to a bookstore. Whenever I saw that book in a bookstore, I held it and I really wanted to buy it but I think too much. Yes, I spent much time just to think before buying something. As the result, I left that book in a bookstore and didn’t bought it.

Found that book in my cousins’ home brought me back to the memories where I held that book in the bookstore. But, this time I could read it leisurely without being caught or being ashamed because I stayed too long in the bookstore trying to read the book. Am I pathetic? Nope, I just tried to be realistic because I still didn’t make my own money yet and there were many other things that I should spent my money on. By the way, do you want to know what book was it?

An Indonesian version from Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky’s book titled Terapi Berpikir Positif. I just started to read it the second day I stayed in my cousins’ home. It’s already night about 8 p.m when I arrived at my cousins’ home. After taking a bath, I grabbed that book and started to read it from the first page.

At first chapter, the book told about how our mind can be related with many things. Our mind related with our soul, body, physic, feelings, attitude and many others. There were descriptions and example of real cases in the book so it was well explained for the reader. When we thought about something it would become our mind, then it made us focus and concentrated with it. Our concentration then would become feelings. Then, from the feelings, it would  become attitude. From our attitude, it would give us the result. Briefly, our mind –> concentration –> feelings –> attitude –> result. Our mind could decide what the result will be. Our mind could control many other things.

At about 10 p.m (I just estimate this), I felt sleepy and I placed my book on the bed side, placing my handphone in the middle of the book, making it as the bookmark and I started to fall into a deep sleep. Yea, reading a book on the bed will always make me want to sleep. Then, I woke up and I started searching my handphone to see what time it was and it still 2.30 a.m. On that silent night, I decided to continue reading that book, turned the light on and without I realize, time passed by, the cock started crowing and it means morning has arrived. I stopped at the end of sub-chapter on pages 128.

After doing my morning activites, I continued to read that book. Unfortunately, I had to left my cousins’ home this morning about 8 a.m, so I needed to finish reading that book. I thought I couldn’t read all entire pages and finished that book. So, I just jumped into the last chapter. The chapter titled “Sepuluh Wasiat Berpikir Positif” I will share it based on what written on the book. Because the book is in bahasa Indonesia so I’ll just write it on bahasa Indonesia ^^v

Sepuluh Wasiat berpikir Positif

  1. Keinginan yang menggebu
  2. Keputusan yang Kuat
  3. Bertanggung Jawab Penuh
  4. Persepsi yang disadari
  5. Menentukan Tujuan
  6. Waktu yang Positif
  7. Penegasan yang bisa dipertanggungjawabkan
  8. Pengembangan diri
  9. Ketenangan dan renungan harian
  10. Perhatian individual dan kegiatan harian

There were explanation for each strategies, accompanied with example from real situation. I remember the example from strategies bertanggung jawab penuh. The book told the story about a girl who really want to be a swimmer. Unfortunately, in her childhood she had an accident and lost her foot. But, she didn’t give up. She still wanted to achieve her dream. She still wanted to be a swimmer. Then, her mother brought her to a teacher and ask the teacher to taught her how to swim. The teacher asked the girl that if she really want to be a swimmer she has to be responsible with her choice. She had to give her time everyday to train, she had to be discipline, and the girl took that responsible for sure. She trained every day and tried hard to be a swimmer. Then, she got a chance to follow some competition. After becoming a winner of competition, she didn’t stop her dream. She had another big dream. She wanted to swim from one island to another island through the sea (sorry, I forgot what sea it is). Everyone around her didn’t believe that she could do it, but she was stubborn. She really wanted to fulfil her dream, and she believed that she could achieve it, so she didn’t care with people’s opinion that oppose her dream. Despite all other people thinking, finally she succeed to achieve her dream. She could swim through the sea. After achieving this dream, people started to talk about her, people praised them, and they gave big appreciation to her.

Well, that’s just an example from the book (forgive me if it’s not really same with the book or maybe I improvise the story a bit). There are many other examples that reader could get from the book. I haven’t finished read that book yet. InsyaAllah someday I will, if I have a chance, whether by buying it by myself, borrowing from library or anyone (tell me if you have this, because I will be pleased to borrow it from you) or you could give me the book, I’ll receive it happily :p


2 thoughts on “Mind Power

  1. fnny97

    aku gak tahu kenapa tapi intinya aku suka sekali ngestalk wordpess nya kak sania. membangkitkan semangat, aku juga suka motivasi tak langsung dari kak sania!! Makasih banyak kak :))

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