Don’t Lose Focus

Let me tell you something.

I just got a bad news that really put me in sorrow. The second when I heard about that, I got shocked and still tried to absorb that news and……. I realized that it’s really happening to me. I don’t know. I felt like the saddest person in a world. I felt like the dumbest person. I felt like luckiness never came to me. I know it’s over but desperation wrapped me up. I just wanted somebody tell me it’s okay.

And once again, my positive mind tried to fight that desperation. It whispered to me that the bad news I just heard was only a distraction for me to forget my goal. It’s just a test whether in this situation, I still could focus on my goal or forgot about it.

Now, let me look at a bright side. I still had friends who support me. When I told my friend about me feeling like the dumbest person, my friend told me that as long as you being faithful (have faith in Islam) you are never become the dumbest person. It made me remember the verse in Al Quran

So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers. (3:139)

It always bring me peace when I read the words of Allah. Indeed, Al Quran is really cure for every problems.

Okay, so the point from this post that I wanna tell you myself is “Life is about focus on your goal” For me, as a Muslim, my life purpose is to pray and become khalifah in this dunya. My ultimate goal is Jannah, to meet prophet Muhammad pbuh and to meet my Creator, Allah Swt. To achieve this goal, I need a real struggle! Sometimes, life give me sadness that made me like in the deepest trough. Why? Because I am being tested. Not only sadness, but also happiness. When life give me happiness, I am also being tested, whether all of those temporary feeling will make me lose focus or stay on my right track to achieve my goal. O Allah, I was so sorry that I still couldn’t focus yet on my goal. I ask You to always give me guidance to achieve my ultimate goal. Aamiin.


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