Be Active!

I guess the title already tell the point of this post. But, I just wanna tell you my opinion about why is being active so important. Lately, I had many things to do and I hadn’t written my to do list yet because I thought I spent too much time thinking and worrying without doing.

Time is ticking and it won’t stop and wait you ’til you finish worrying. That’s why I started to move although I was still in the state of confusion, I started to search for information, read some articles related to things I had to do, ask some people about their opinion, ask their help, and many other things to do that required me to not only sit and wait for miracle but also move actively both my mind and my body.

Sometimes, I wait for people to contact me, to help me, to invite me, to take care of my stuffs, and when they were not there I was sad, I was feeling ignored and forgotten, I was thinking that they didn’t care about me. (WelI, I think this is one of the weaknesses for being a feeling type person). I’m also the kind of people who tend to follow, I rarely become an initiator and stand in the front row.

Lately, God sent me to the situation that required me to be an active person. That I had to make movement first, I couldn’t be the type of person who wait, I couldn’t wait for other to tell me any informations, I couldn’t wait for other to invite me and if they didn’t invite me I would feel sad. No, I couldn’t be this type of person anymore.

God sent me this challenge so I could learn to be active person. It was hard at first but didn’t God promise that verily, after hardship comes ease and I believe that God never breaks His promises. So, if you want to search information, be active. You are not a child anymore. I also want to tell people out there who tend to wait and lazy to act, just be active and fight the challenge. Then you will realize that there is always ease in many forms, maybe you will get help from other, maybe the process of your things will go smooth  and you will realize that your worry is only in your imagination.

Nothing is wrong from being active. So, dear my fellow friends who still wait for miracle to happen, let’s be active and invite those miracles to your life.

-Jatinangor, January 2nd 2016


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