Why did I write?

I started to write blog since I was 14. I forgot why I was interested in blogging. Probably because I started to learn about internet and there was a task to make a blog in my junior high school (If I’m not mistaken) so I had to make a blog. Or maybe I was inspired from my brother. Yeah, I admit that my brother inspires me in many things though I don’t know what are the things that I did simply because I was inspired by him.

Then, I started to make a journal about myself. (I wouldn’t say it was a diary, because diary sound childish, but I know that diary and journal are kinda same hehe). Journal sounds more mature, right? When I was a 10th grader, my English teacher asked the students to write a diary everyday using English. It was a way to improve our English skills. Sometimes, I only wrote about 2 or 3 sentences and sometimes If I was in the mood to write or If I had something interesting to tell, I could write 1 page full. That’s what inspired me to write about my own journal, not because it was a task, but purely because I wanted it.

Now, looking back to some year ago. I look at my old blog (I didn’t use this blog when I started writing blog) and my journal. It brought memory back for me. How bad I was at writing (although I know maybe until now, it’s still bad, but at least it has improved because I can say that my old writing is so childish). Writing makes me remember things. I remember when I write this post or that post. I remember when I was being scolded by a teacher because I was late. and so on.

Yes, writing brings back memory. It’s like you have a power of time machine. To go back to where you have been before. To open your memory in your brain. I know that I write for myself. So, if people out there mock at my writing, I just let them be, cause it doesn’t effect me at all. And if people out there are inspired by my writing, then I will be happy šŸ™‚ At least I can give benefits to other. Let’s write! Inspire and be inspired! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Why did I write?

  1. Totally agree with that, because writing somehow can preserve any memories (sometimes we just forget the little detail on our lives) and by reading our writings back then, we can recall the memory again.
    Hope your 2017 will be a great to the end šŸ™‚

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