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Why did I write?

I started to write blog since I was 14. I forgot why I was interested in blogging. Probably because I started to learn about internet and there was a task to make a blog in my junior high school (If I’m not mistaken) so I had to make a blog. Or maybe I was inspired from my brother. Yeah, I admit that my brother inspires me in many things though I don’t know what are the things that I did simply because I was inspired by him.

Then, I started to make a journal about myself. (I wouldn’t say it was a diary, because diary sound childish, but I know that diary and journal are kinda same hehe). Journal sounds more mature, right? When I was a 10th grader, my English teacher asked the students to write a diary everyday using English. It was a way to improve our English skills. Sometimes, I only wrote about 2 or 3 sentences and sometimes If I was in the mood to write or If I had something interesting to tell, I could write 1 page full. That’s what inspired me to write about my own journal, not because it was a task, but purely because I wanted it.

Now, looking back to some year ago. I look at my old blog (I didn’t use this blog when I started writing blog) and my journal. It brought memory back for me. How bad I was at writing (although I know maybe until now, it’s still bad, but at least it has improved because I can say that my old writing is so childish). Writing makes me remember things. I remember when I write this post or that post. I remember when I was being scolded by a teacher because I was late. and so on.

Yes, writing brings back memory. It’s like you have a power of time machine. To go back to where you have been before. To open your memory in your brain. I know that I write for myself. So, if people out there mock at my writing, I just let them be, cause it doesn’t effect me at all. And if people out there are inspired by my writing, then I will be happy 🙂 At least I can give benefits to other. Let’s write! Inspire and be inspired! 🙂


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