Writing Challenge: Just a Reason

(this post is part of this writing challenge)

I consider myself as a challenger, although I’m also thinker. Both of this trait seems to contradict each other. A challenger tends to do what they want and attempt themselves to test their ability and prove or justify something even if it’s new for them. While a thinker will take time to think before doing something. So let just say that I’m a think-challenger. It sounds kinda weird.

When I find something new, I will take interest to it and I will try to do something about it. I have found information about writing challenge since a long ago and I’m always interested in joining. I found myself unsure whether I should take this writing challenge or not since consistency is difficult. But, I need some force to make me consistently write in this blog.

I usually start to do something if I really have a reason to do it. That’s why I think I need to find a reason to keep me writing productively here. By doing this writing challenge, I hope I can write consistently. Moreover, I also need to improve my English skill so I will write using English for all topics in this writing challenge. Wish me luck!

p.s pardon my bad grammar



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